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Clifton Christian Academy (PK-8), Cincinnati
Eastwood Junior Academy (PK-10), Westerville

Mansfield Elementary School (PK-8), Mansfield
Mayfair Christian Academy (PK-10), Akron
Mount Vernon Elementary School (PK-8), Mount Vernon
Northern Ohio Adventist Academy (PK-10), Sheffield Lake
Piqua Elementary School (PK-8), Piqua
Spring Valley Academy (PK-12), Centerville
Toledo Junior Academy (PK-8), Toledo
Worthington Adventist Academy (PK-8), Worthington
Zanesville Elementary School (PK-8), Zanesville


James Meade Learning Center, Toledo

Kids Academy, Sheffield Lake

Miamisburg Christian Learning Center, Miamisburg

Stepping Stones Learning Center, Worthington

Wee Care Learning Center, Dayton


Education Team


12-08-2021   Richard Biario; Ohio Conference of Seventh Day Adventist
Richard A. Bianco

Superintendent of Education Email

(937) 741-0254



12-08-2021   Janice Straub;  Ohio Conference of Seventh Day Adventist

Janice Straub

Administrative Assistant


(937) 741-0241


Education Fax: 

(937) 424-5475