Ohio Conference 40-Day Dash


The Ohio Conference is proud to partner with the Centerville Adventist Church for this year's 40-Day Dash!

May 26 - July 4, 2020


Welcome to the Ohio Conference 40-Day Dash!

Register below: We will be sending out a weekly form to track miles and one at the end to collect total miles. Make sure to keep track of how many miles you do! Remember you need to complete at least 1 intentional mile each and every day.

An intentional mile is where you go out with the purpose of walking or running, it is not the steps that you get at work, at home, or elsewhere doing daily tasks.

Want to ride your bike instead? The 40-Day Dash allows you to compete on your bike. Simply ride your miles and convert them, every 3 miles on the bike is equal to 1 mile running/walking. Please make this conversion before submitting your miles! 

Example: Tom rode 30 miles today so he gets 10 miles for the dash.


Make sure you fill out all required fields then click the "submit" button. That's it! You're enrolled!